Public/Private Partners

The Eur-Am Center partnerships have been developed to include the following private alliances:

»   Loire Valley Prestige, France
»   Image Rabet, Thenay, France
»   Circuits Valdeloire, Pontlevoy, France
»   Conseil General Loir-et-Cher, Blois, France
»   Strategic Engineering International, London, UK
»   CENTRECO, Orleans, France
»   The Invest in France Agency, Chicago, IL
»   Ecole de Cuisine, Chicago, IL
»   International Education, USM
»   Art Design Program, U of M
»   Wink, Minneapolis, MN
»   BlueWater Technologies, Southfield, MI
»   The American Chamber of Commerce, Paris, France
»   The Franco-American Chamber of Commerce, Paris, France
»   Questral International, Paris, France
»   Cabinet Porcher, Mer, France
»   Center for Community and Economic Development, Hattiesburg, MS
»   Wiltshire Consulting, London, UK
»   Groupe SENSE, Madrid, Spain
»   AID Cologne, Cologne, Germany