Team Leadership

Murray D. Wikol - President

The Eur-Am Center is led by its president, Murray D. Wikol of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.  As an internationally respected leader in real estate development, finance and technology, Mr. Wikol has planned, financed and developed over 2.5 billion USD of global real estate and business development over the past 15 years.  He is personally and professionally committed to leading The Eur-Am Center and its partners to academic and business excellence.


Matthew DeWitt - Director

As Director of The Eur-Am Center, Matthew R. DeWitt brings past international education, work and cross cultural experience to the historical Abbey of Pontlevoy. Having lived and studied in Argentina, Morocco, Spain, as well as the United States, Mr. DeWitt’s prior experience in real estate and business development will assist with the continued renaissance of the facilities of the historical Abbey and further the growth and development of its academic and business partners. His internships with chambers of commerce and industry in Morocco and France is testament to Mr. DeWitt's commitment to the Abbey. Mr. DeWitt is fluent in French, Spanish and English and has a high level of Arabic. His strong commitment to the fulfillment of The Eur-Am Center’s mission brings continued success to the project.