bedroom at the eur-am center


The Abbey offers dormitory-style room (single, double or triple) for students. Some bedrooms are equipped with a private full bathroom while all the bedrooms include a shower and sink. For those bedrooms that do not include toilets, several bathroom facilities are located on the floor. Each bedroom is supplied with down comforters and pillows, linens, desks, and armoires.
The bedrooms are located on a floor furnished with two laundry rooms (complete with washing machines and dryers).

Conference Room With People


The Abbey has five large classrooms located on the second floor of the main building. Each classroom has ample desks and chairs for classes, meetings or conferences. All classrooms have a splendid view of the Abbey’s traditional French style garden.


The formal dining room is located right next to the kitchen on the ground floor of the Abbey main building. It is ideal for banquets and receptions of 50-75 people. The dining room is also a great place for students to gather for meals, to hang out or study.

Flying Buttress Long view


The Flying Buttress was originally designed to provide support for the outside structure of the chapel. It is located on the second floor of the Abbey main building near the bedrooms. This common area is equipped with a projector, screen for classes or movies, as well as tables and chairs. Students often use the Flying Buttress as a place to socialize and do homework or study.


The common kitchen is located on the ground floor in between the Salle de Theatre and the Dining room. It is equipped with two ovens and stoves, two full-size refrigerators, several microwaves, sinks, and shelving space. Students often gather in the kitchen to cook meals together and share recipes as well as socialize.

trees at the abby


The Abbey’s main garden is designed in traditional French style with sculpted shrubbery, gravel paths and green lawns and is adjacent to the Abbey’s grove and overlooks the lower terrace and its fountain. Located on the southeast corner of the Abbey property is a grove of 100 Linden trees. The Bosquet is a favorite area for reading, relaxing, day dreaming, outdoor classes, and even holding festivals with its bountiful shade, tranquil setting, and scenic views of the Abbey. Another of the Abbey’s stunning features is the Cedar of Lebanon dating back to 1776.

performance hall


The 18th century Cloister provides a great covered, outdoor meeting area for any type of event in the spring, summer, or fall months. This space is perfect for outdoor dinner, performances, or hosting class outside with a view of the chapel.

The Abbey’s Manège, constructed in1837, originally served as an equestrian facility but was later removed to be used as a concert, seminar and wedding hall. The open plan allows for endless amounts of room layout combinations for any function. In addition to its versatility, this unique example of architecture creates a backdrop that is visually interesting for guests, enhancing their overall experience.

gathering spaces


The 15th century Chapel, Notre Dame des Blanches, is the main attraction of the abbey. Since its establishment, the chapel has served various functions such as a facility for St. Maur monks. The quality of its acoustic allow for intimate concerts. The Gothic architectural elements invoke a sense of drama. Likewise, its Baroque interior and regal setting are ideal for ceremonies and performances alike.

The Abbey’s Salle de Theatre, receives an abundance of natural light and has great acoustics, due to its classic architecture. With a capacity of up to 200 people, the Salle has direct access to the Grande Terrace and traditional French Garden, which provide visitors with an opportunity to enjoy the countryside’s beautiful skies from its radiant sunsets to its star-studded evenings.

The Salon is of the same beauty and architecture of the Salle de Theatre, but is smaller in scale with warm wood tones. This allows a room for smaller groups when a more intimate setting is required for discussions or small classes.

The Abbey campus is not only breathtaking, it is fully modernized with high-speed wireless Internet access, and numerous other services and amenities.

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